Having the CHE in a logo allows you to sell everything

Ernesto Che Guevara’s brother is Juan Martin Guevara and works in an office in the center of Buenos Aires. It is hard to recognize him with his stiff hair falling on his face. It is also very charming. Korda was the photographer responsible for covering up this tragic event of which Che was a victim. There were also other photographers who worked on this event. This photographer has indeed a contact plate on which one could see lots of pictures of Fidel Castro in the tribune wearing wraparound. There are also photographs of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre, both of whom were present during this political event of the Cuban revolution

An Endless Legal Affair

In the beginning, this picture that symbolizes the heroic act of the great Che was not very successful. The photographer decides to keep him at home well framed. The Italian publisher Giangiacomo decides to belly the photos five dollars a piece. Photos he received from the photographer. We want to make it clear that the latter did not even get a penny for the photos. It is after his death that his daughter decides to launch in a long legal fight against all those who used the photo taken by his father in an abusive manner. Fight she ended up getting.

Che products are put on the market

Nowadays Che style of Korda is very popular. A series of tee-shirts were made with the photos of Che with the slogan « No s equien es, pero esta de moda ». his brother even said that it was a good product, so it does not pose any problem to him to sell. At the same time, there is another commercial that trivializes and vulgarizes it. He did not appreciate this gesture but it did not lead him into a militant fight.